See user in the "File history" section. - For shape and stroke order :ROC: 常用國字標準字體筆順手冊 (Stroke order 14 rules), by the Taiwan Ministry of Education. Book available online (authoritative work). ISBN 957-00-7082-XPRC: 現代漢語通用字筆順規範, 453pages, 1997, editeur: 语文出版社, ISBN:7801262018 (Authoritative)Japan: 筆順指導の手びき (Hitsujun shidō no tebiki), 1958. (Authoritative from 1958 to 1977)Note: nowadays, the Japanese Ministry of Education let editors set freely a character's stroke order, which all should « follow commonsensical orders which are widely accepted in the society ».Hong Kong: 香港標準字形及筆順 - stroke orders following the Hong Kong Department of Education's List of Commonly Used Characters.Check for 一 in : Graphic etymology - UniHan data - Wiktionary - Animated Character project - VisualMandarin - Yellowbridge.。采用知识共享 署名 3.0授权,来自维基共享资源