4-5 year full scholarship opportunity
in Yunan University China

Yunnan university, one of the leading universities in South West China, is delighted to provide limited places for full scholarship. In Merseyside and Greater Manchester, 30 places with full scholarship are available for 2018-2019 academy year.

The Scholarship

4 year full scholarship (for courses that are taught in English)

5 year full scholarship (for courses that are taught in Mandarin, first year learning Chinese)

Majors that are taught in English starting in 2018

Undergraduate Bachelors degree courses (taught in English)

  • International Economic and Trade
  • Human Resource Management
  • Logistic Management

All other majors are taught in Mandarin. (Please click Yunnan University enrolment for detail )

Application Requirement

  • passport copy
  • personal statement
  • academy reference
  • transcript of AS level results or relevant results (for undergraduate courses)
  • transcript of undergraduate courses (for postgraduate courses)
  • Certificate of undergraduate degree/diploma (for postgraduate courses)
  • HSK 4 certificate (Only required for those who apply for the courses that are taught in Mandarin only)

Application Procedure

  Express Your Interest

Please complete the form to enter scholarship selection.

Please click the link here to register

Deadline: 15th April 2018


Please submit your application documents (listed above) to Grace International Academy at: info@graceinternational.co.uk

(First 100 applicants will be considered for the scholarship selection).

Deadline: 15th May 2018

  The offer

The university will provide successful candidates from Merseyside and Manchester official offers for university places and scholarship by 1st June 2018.

Expected Date: 1st June 2018

  Acceptance of the offer

Successful candidates are to confirm acceptance of the offer by confirmation letter and the payment of application fee*.

Deadline: 15th June 2018

   Preparation for the journey

Visa application to China. (Student visa fees paid by candidates)

6 weeks Mandarin Language learning. (with Grace International Academy Mandarin School)

  Off we go

Grace International Academy UK-China Education will organize the flight for 30 students from Manchester airport, and pick up from Kunming International Airport to the university accommodation.

Expected Date: 29st August 2018

Application Fees: £2000(one-off fee)

Grace international Academy is the sole agent for Yunan University recruitment in the UK. All application must be first submitted to Grace international Academy. Our International recruitment team will apply for the scholarship, accommodation funds and help visa application*.

* The average living expense in Kunming city, Yunan province China is around £200 per month.

Services provided by Grace International

  Application for full scholarship for 4 or 5 years

  Application for full bursary for university accommodation*

*the bursary granted will only be for standard accommodation in Yunnan university residential halls

  Intensive 6-week mandarin and cultural training (for HSK level 1)

The training is based in Grace International Academy Liverpool training centre: Life Bank, 23 Quorn Street, Liverpool L7 2QR

Expected training start Date: 1th July 2018

  One way flight ticket from Manchester airport to Kunming airport and transport to the university accommodation hall.

  Assistance in applying for work opportunities

Part time work opportunities as English teachers and teaching assistance are available subject to permit and approval of the potential employers.

* Overseas students are allow to work up to 20 hours in China

*A qualified teacher with TEFL certificate can earn up to £20 per hour.

The application Fees of £2000 is an one-off fee that covers all the above services.